Overall Supreme Champion- Miss Abby Cockbain- Carrock Beauty
Registered Fells
Champion-Cockbain Family- Carrock Daenerys
Reserve Champion-Cockbain Family -Carrock Filly
Class 1
1st-Mrs Cockbain- Carrock Lilly
Class 2
1st-Mrs Cockbain-Carrock Filly
Class 3
1st-Mrs Cockbain-Carrock Daenerys
2nd-Miss Chloe Kirkbride-Birkcross Midnite Matjesty
3rd-Miss Amy Graham -Drybarrows Bespoke
Class 4
1st-Mr Mathew Fearon-Setmabanning Rita
Class 5
1st-Mr Robert Relph-Briggs -Greenholme Promise
Class 6
1st-Miss Eden Stables- Setmabanning Jewel
2nd-Miss E Wilson- Hollings Ed
Registered Mountain and Moorland
Champion-Abby Cockbain-Carrock Beauty
Resever Champion-Mrs Alison Fligg-Hamish of Blenside
Class 7
1st-Mrs Cockbain- Carrock Bonny Lass
Class 8
1st-Mrs Cockbain- Carrock Iron Man
Class 9
1st-Mrs Cockbain- Carrock Harmony
Class 10
1st-Miss Sarah Beattie- Windmill Trevis
2nd-Miss Loren Pritchard- Gurnas Lucas
3rd-Mrs Alison Fligg-Fairgrove Rafferty
Class 11
1st-Miss Sienna Bell- Krypton Celeste
2nd-Miss Rebecca Nelson- Hett Savannah
3rd-Miss Chloe Kirkbride- Birkcross Midnite Majesty
Class 12
1st-Miss Sienna Bell-Krypton Celeste
Class 13
1st-Miss Abby Cockbain- Carrock Beauty
2nd-Mrs Alison Fligg-Hamish of Blenside
3rd-Miss Sarah Beattie- Sangrug Alfie
Class 14
1st-Miss Emily Stamper-Langfield Lord Asriel
2nd-M Bell-Julmar Jupiter
Champion-Miss E Heywood-Finmont Ruby
Reserve Champion-Mr Alan Matear-Clydesdale
Class 20
1st-Miss E Heywood-Finmont Ruby
2nd-Mr Alan Matear- Clydesdale
Class 22
1st-Miss Sandra Martin- Burlington Park Rosa Calypso
Registered Shetlands
Champion-Mrs I.M.Walker-Parlington Evie
Reserve Champion-Mr Geoff Watson-Mayson of Maybray
Class 23
1st-Mrs I M Walker- Parlington Evie
Class 24
1st-Mr Geoff Watson- Mayson of Mawbray
Class 25
1st-Mr Geoff Watson- Mariella of Maybray
Class 26
1st-Mr Geoff Watson- M.D. of Mawbray
Class 27
1st-Mr Geoff Watson- Maycie of Maybray
Class 28
Miss Vicky Howard- Burnbank Victoria
Class 29
1st-Mrs I M Walker- Parlington Evie
2nd-Miss Holly Hardy- Hartside Bonny Bonfire
3rd-Ms Molly Barlow-Mozes of Mawbray
Class 30
1st-Miss Penny Foxon- Scheihallion Flamenco
2nd-Ms Daphne Vickers-Mozes of Mawbray
Coloured Ponies and Horses
Champion-Mrs Shirley Finlinson-Jon Webb Sky
Reserve Champion-Miss Sarah Cockelty-Annie
Class 31
1st-Mrs Lorraine Trafford- Queen of the North
2nd-Mrs Joanne Brough- River
3rd-Mr Harvey Park-Luneside Lord
Class 32
1st-Mrs Shirley Finlinson- Jon Webb Sky
2nd-Miss Claire Richardson-Irish Xena
3rd-Mrs Vicky Clapperton- Susie
Class 33
1st-Miss Sarah Cockelty- Annie
2nd-Mrs Vicky Clapperton- Susie
3rd-Ms Andrea Glover- Mischievous Mr Eds
Class 34
1st-Mr Daniel Lettice- Siangie So
2nd-Miss Lynsey Kendall- Ravens Blue
Class 35
1st-Ms Shirley Bennett- Pondering on it
Class 36
1st-Ms Shirley Bennett-Pondering on it
2nd-Mr Robert Sewell- Dolly
Champion-Mrs Jackie Williamson-Dancer
Reserve Champion-Miss Ellie Naylor-Glaramara Freya
Class 37
1st-Miss Claire Knoery- Blakefell Narla
Class 38
1st-Miss Lynsey Kendall- Ravens Blue
Class 39
1st-Mrs Jackie Williamson- Dancer
2nd-Miss Ann Sewell- Ceolmhar
3rd-Mr Ashley Chapman-Foxhills Chief Saxon
Class 40
1st-Miss Ashleigh Riding-Oliver
Class 41
1st-Miss Ellie Naylor- Glaramara Freya
2nd-Miss Ann Sewell- Ceolmhar
Riding Pony
Champion-Mr Michael Park-Myrroromere Mr Potter
Reserve Champion-S.Bell-Frias Foxglove
Class 42
1st-Mr Robert Sewell- Dolly
2nd-S Bell-Frias Foxglove
3rd-Miss Darcie-Jo Fleming
Class 43
1st-Mr Michael Park -Myrroromere Mr Potter
Class 44
1st-Miss Penny Foxon- Paddy
Pony club Pony
Class 46
1st-Miss Connie Hutton- Spotty
2nd-Miss Katelyn Pownall- Trainriggs Henchman
3rd-Miss Darcie-Jo Fleming
Class 47
1st-Miss Layla Bell- Jess
2nd-Miss Grace Moffat-Ellie
Class 48
1st-Miss Indianna Foxon- Ralph
2nd-Miss Abbey Davidson- Tommy
3rd-Robert Sewell-Dolly
Riding Horse/Hack
Champion-Mrs Clare Chappelhow- Fellside Katy Kay
Reserve Champion-Ms Amy Edwards-King of Diamonds 11
Class 49
1st-Mrs Clare Chappelhow- Fellside Katy Kay
2nd-Miss Claire Knoery- Atalanta
3rd-Ms Amy Edwards-King of Diamonds 11
Class 50
1st-Ms Amy Edwards -King of Diamonds 11
2nd-Miss Ashleigh Riding- Oliver
3rd-Miss Emma Harris-Picanini Jacana
Concours De Elegance
Class 51
1st-Mrs Alison Fligg-Hamish of Blenside
2nd-Mrs Clare Chappelhow-Fellside Katy Kay
3rd-Miss Sarah Beattie- Sangrug Alfie
In Hand Section
Champion-Miss Rebecca Nelson- Hett Savannah
Reserve Champion-Miss Emma Harris-Picanini Jacana
Class 54
1st-Mrs Lorraine Trafford- Queen of the north
2nd-Miss Claire Knoery- Blakefell Narla
3rd-Mrs Ellen Jones- Sparket Live for the Applause
Class 55
1st-Mrs Ellen Jones- Essiecroft Elizabeth
2nd-Mrs Alison Fligg-Fairgrove Rafferty
3rd-Mrs Joanne Brough- River
Class 56
1st-Miss Rebecca Nelson- Hett Savannah
2nd-Mrs Zoe Green- Pip
3rd-Mrs Zoe Green- Gypsy
Class 57
1st-Miss Emma Harris-Picanini Jacana age 16 yrs
2nd-Miss Layla Bell-Jess
3rd-Mrs Ellen Jones- Sparket Classy Girl age 17yrs
Class 58
1st-Miss Penny Foxon- Coco
2nd-M Bell- Julmar Jupiter
3rd-Mr Joseph Park- Myrroromere Mr Park
Class 59
1st-Indianna Foxon-Ralph
2nd-Brad Foxon-Paddy
3rd-Ms Nicole Fry-Milly
Driving Turnout
Champion-Mr Mark Jopling-Eden Chase
Reserve Champion-Mr Robert Scott- Tom
Class 61
1st-Mr Mark Jopling-Eden Chase
2nd-Mr Robert Scott- Tom
3rd-Ms Julie McKnaughton - Silver Dollar Chase