Health & Safety Policy

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Health & Safety Policy



The Society holds an annual show on the August Bank Holiday Monday at Pump Field, Old Braithwaite Bridge Road, Braithwaite, Keswick, Cumbria.

The Rules & Regulations are published in the Schedule & Catalogue each year. The Society is run by a committee of volunteers to promote the interest of agriculture & tourism in our area.


The Society acknowledges its responsibility under the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 to provide and maintain, so far as it is reasonably practical, a safe environment during the setting up, running and dismantling of the show.

Our statement of general policy is:

  • To provide adequate control of Health and Safety
  • To ensure the many stakeholders understand and comply with our requirements.
  • To ensure safe plant and equipment is provided and suitably maintained
  • To ensure the safe handling and use of substances
  • To provide information, instruction and training to Committee members
  • To prevent accidents
  • To maintain safe and healthy conditions
  • To review and revise this policy before each show

Details about Health and Safety are kept in the Health and Safety files which is deposited in the secretaries Tent on Show day.

Health and Safety will be updated each year by our safety officer: Mrs Shannon Relph


The Chairman (Mr Martin Relph) and Show Committee have overall responsibilities for all aspects of Health and Safety and shall so far as it is reasonably practical, ensure that everybody involved in the show is familiar with this policy.

Responsibility for ensuring that this policy is put into practise is delegated to the Chief Field Stewards and the Health and Safety Steward (Mrs S. Relph). They are responsible for:

  • Promoting Safety awareness at all levels
  • Liaise with medical, emergency and statutory bodies
  • Carry out pre-show inspection
  • Monitor compliance during show day
  • Taking action where necessary
  • Investigate and record all accidents

They will be assisted in the above duties by the Chairman, secretary and stewards as detailed in the show catalogue. The Stewards have specific responsibilities for their specified areas of activity and will direct their colleagues to deal with health and safety issues. Radios will be available to contact the secretaries tent.

All people taking part in the operation of the show (exhibitors, committee, trade stands holders, contractors etc.) have a responsibility to take reasonable care for their own health and safety, to comply with this policy and to report all health and safety concerns to the appropriate Steward.

A CDM Plan and site rules have been prepared to ensure the erection of temporary structures and other construction activities are controlled in accordance with legislation.

A safety notice for the general public is contained in the show catalogue and displayed outside the secretary’s tent.

A safety notice is also issued to all stewards before show day.


The Society will carry out and record risk assessments for the overall management of the show in accordance with HSE guidance note INDG163 (rev 1).

Setting up the Field

The field will be set up by volunteers on the committee and contractors. Where machinery is being used it will be the responsibility of the owner to ensure safe operation and any necessary briefing of volunteers. Contractors are required to have in place their own risk assessments and comply with appropriate health and safety legislation and requirements.

Trade Stands

All Trade Stand holders are required to be responsible for their own fire, health and safety and environmental health arrangements as detailed in the Notice to Trade Exhibitors.


Livestock exhibitors are entirely responsible for the safe handling of their animals and for ensuring that any equipment brought onto the show field complies with rules and guidance from regulatory authorities. We respectively point out that we advise exhibitors to insure their own stock against Public Liability.

Exhibitors must minimise the movement of stock and take particular care to ensure animals are being halter lead by competent and trained personnel of suitable age, fitness and strength. Stewards will advise on the movement of stock to and from judging rings. Safety barriers are provided around the main ring, sheep lines and at other entry points where horses cross pedestrian avenues.

Horses must not be ridden, exercised or schooled in car parks, trade stand avenues or other areas where the general public have access. Exercise and collecting rings are provided for this purpose and should only be occupied by horses, riders or bona-fide grooms.

Anyone riding a horse or pony on the show ground must wear protective headgear of a standard approved by their appropriate governing body.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in public areas.


The safety and welfare of the public is of prime consideration at all times. The public will be kept informed of any potential hazards on the show field by clear signs and notices, instructions from stewards and where necessary public-address announcements.

Similarly, members of the public must act in a reasonable and safety conscious manner whilst attending the show and not put any person or property at risk. Appropriate action will be taken by the Society against any one in breach of this requirement.

The general public are advised not to enter the fenced off licensed livestock areas and hand washing facilities are available nearby to comply with the new 2012 Code of Practise relating to “Preventing or Controlling Health from Animal Contact at Visitor Attractions”. The Society will also comply with relevant Defra Licensing requirements.


In compliance with the law, smoking is not allowed within any marquee or caravan including trade stands.


All entertainers shall be responsible for their own Health and Safety requirements and ensure that appropriate instructions are given to their audience.

Safe handling and use of substances

The Health and safety officer will identify all substances which need a COSHH assessment and be responsible for ensuring that all actions identified in the assessments are implemented.


No Electricity is provided by the show, generators only supplied by individual trade stand holder must be carefully routed to avoid trip hazards and portable appliance testing must have been carried out in accordance with appropriate regulations.

Over head cables on the show field will not be in the proximity of any Marquees.

Water Supply

Water is supplied at various points on the field, plus a water Bowser of fresh water.


All providers of food must ensure that they comply with all relevant Food Hygiene Regulations. Inspectors from Allerdale Borough Council Environmental Department may make inspection prior to and during show day to ensure that food providers understand and comply with the relevant regulation.

Temporary Structures

All marquees, display boards, fences, gates and signs must be soundly constructed and erected safe for their intended purpose. Exhibitors must give regard to the stability of their exhibits, ensure that they are secured against collapse with build-up and breakdown being in compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulation2015.

Fire Prevention

Exhibitors are responsible for their own fire precautions and must therefore provide suitable fire extinguishers which must be in full working order.

The Society will provide fire extinguishers in the main marquees as well as suitable signed fire exits.


Machinery or equipment used prior to, during and after the show must only be operated by fully trained and experienced personnel aged 16 years or older. Appropriate safety equipment (in accordance with ‘Personnel Protective Equipment at Work regulations 1992 ‘) should be worn when required.

Vehicle movements

Vehicle speeds must be restricted to 10mph and kept to an absolute minimum between 9.30am and 5pm on show day. Stewards must ensure that vehicles are removed to designated car parks as soon as exhibits have been set up. Under no circumstances should vehicles be left in thoroughfares, trade stand avenues, entrances or anywhere where they are causing congestion. The use of ATV’s or two-wheel motor cycles is not permitted without the express consent of the secretary.

First Aid/Accident and injury

St John Ambulance provide on-site first aid treatment on show day near the main ring. Details of all accidents must be recorded in the First Aid book which will retained by medical personnel and a copy given to the secretary at the end of the show.

The Health and Safety Steward is responsible for investigating accidents and acting upon the findings to, as far as is reasonably practicable, prevents a recurrence.

A death or serious injury, must be reported by the quickest possible means to the Health and Safety Executive in writing using a RIDDOR form. (Incident Contact Centre on 08453009923 or online at Definitions of a reportable incident are contained in the Health and Safety file.

At least one veterinary Surgeon will be available on show day and be contacted by radio from the secretary’s tent.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Control Room will be situated in the Secretary’s Tent. Stewards should remain/return to their station/duty and follow instructions given by the Police or Chairman. Information for the public will be given out over the public-address system.

In controlling an emergencies situation stewards should keep calm, move people away from the danger, get help and remain at the scene to help the emergency services. In the event of an animal escaping all available stewards should assist in recapture and the appropriate Steward should decide whether the animal should remain on the show field.

In the event of a major incident an Emergency Group comprising of the Chairman, Secretary, Two Vice-Chairmen, Executive Committee and Health and Safety Steward and a senior representative of each emergency service shall meet at the Secretary’s Tent and be responsible for key decisions and instructions.

The Chairman, Secretary and the Health and Safety Steward are responsible for implementing required actions and ensuring that Risk Assessments are reviewed annually.



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