Welcome to the Keswick Agricultural Show Results page! Here you will find the results from our recent shows, showcasing the talented exhibitors and their prize-winning entries across various categories. Use the links below to quickly navigate to the desired year and category.

For each year, we celebrate the dedication and skills of our exhibitors who participate in friendly competition across these popular categories:

Herdwick: This iconic breed native to the Lake District takes center stage as farmers showcase their finest Herdwick sheep.

Swaledale: Another beloved breed well-suited to the challenging fells and mountains of the region.

Sheep: Classes for various other sheep breeds, demonstrating the diversity and quality of local flocks.

Dogs: From smart sheepdogs to lovable pets, this category highlights the special bond between humans and their canine companions.

Horses: Majestic equines of different types put their best hoof forward in a range of riding and in-hand classes.

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling: A traditional sport steeped in local history, pitting skilled wrestlers against each other in tests of strength and technique.

Exhibitor Winners: Recognizing the overall top performers from the various livestock and other competitive sections.

Click on the specific category link above to view full results, including class details and placements. We applaud all our exhibitors for their hard work, sportsmanship, and commitment to agricultural excellence. Be sure to join us at the next Keswick Show to experience the excitement firsthand!